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Woven or with Multispire binding, DESCHAMPS polyester belts are top of the list to equip your airing, draining or drying conveyors, and pallet conveyors.
These woven or spiralled fabrics are mainly used for filtration and transportation purposes. There are endless finished with staples clipper junctions or with integrated spirals, according to their use.

Fabrics – designed for your security

- 100% Polyester, insensible to humidity and numerous chemical agents.
- A large choice of wire diameters of wires and densities is available.
- The coated sides improve the stability and the longevity of the canvas.
- PES conveyors woven equipped with stapled clipper junction or a woven spiral depending on the sensitivity of your machine.

These woven belts are useful in various industry sectors.


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Felt for round bread moulders
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